5 minute Fruit bowl.


Hello 👋 

Today I'm sharing the quickest easiest craft that you will love !

So... I wanted a 2 tear fruit bowl as my kitchen table is realy small , I keep the fruit on the table but I always have more than what fits in the bowl. Just like New York I have to go up as I can spread out 😅

Cue the two tier idea 💡 

I looked online but all the fancy wooden ones I liked were over £50 so I though... I CAN MAKE ONE!

Off I track to @therange and I bought a set of 2 wooden trays and a lovely little wooden candle stick..

Total cost was just over £10


 I used two screws either side to secure the candle stick in the middle...

That's it !!!

Nothing tricky or fancy to explain to you... thats it..hey presto job done.

And look at the result ! 

 I can get all my fruit on it now.. plus it perfectly matches my quirky country kitchen.


Give it a try and let me know how you get on !


M x