6 must have autumn wreaths, you will love! πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚



Hello and officially welcome to autumn !

If your in the UK you will know summer has been absolutley awful this year so its time to light the fire and get the cosy blankets out , its that change of season,that brings out the crafter in me too!

Autumn decor has to be my favourite apart from Christmas of course.Here are 6 different autumn /fall door wreaths to get you inspired to make something for your self πŸ˜ƒ


This rusty toned beauty is believe it or not all made from feaux foliage with a few dried bits popped in.. if you dont have a glue gun....GET ONE !! They are a Β£5 most places and can turn you into a crafting queen over night !Β 

This creation is all glued on to a cardboard cut out circle..its really that simple..


I love heart shaped wreaths..its a knack to get the balance right but Iv found if they are heavy and don't hang strait, you can pop some heavy duty, double sided tape on the bottom point and stick it to your door..mine always hold ok πŸ‘ŒΒ 

This too is all faux and super easy to get all the bits on amazon if your not going out at the moment.

Again you can cut a heart shape out of cardboard, glue gun everything in place not forgetting to put your hole and thread ribbon through so you can #hang it.

The great thing with faux is you can keep them forever or sell them next year and make a little money back!



This super easy beauty is a pre made autumn garland.

These cost around Β£7 online. Iv tied it with floristry wire onto a wire wreath rack. Its wrapped round twice which has made it look fuller and thicker. Iv glued a couple of loose leafs I had knocking around into places where I felt needed them and look ! So simpleπŸ˜ƒ



I'm lucky enough to have a large mature garden here at the cottage so I'm able to use all the greenery.

Befor I lived here I used to take a big shopper on woodland walks and gather foliage when out and about . So long as your not damaging special plants like blue bells etc, it perfectly OK to collect over grown foliage and you'd be amazed what you can make. Now of course fresh foliage will always die so your creation won't last forever, however door wreaths are outside which elongate their life spans, they will dry up but usually still look in their dried state too!



This simple little one is a recycled creation made from left over bits and pieces in my craft room.Β 

A cute little willow wicker wreath was crying out for some attention.

The faux foliage is hand tied and secured in place with wire. Iv then used a little hot glue to keep the foliage in the place I want..

Super easy ! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‚πŸ



This is slightly more complicated and costly but worth it, if you can give it a go. The foam (polystyrene) wreath base has been covered with hessian and pinned into place..

Then nuts and dried autumnal buts have been glued into place..be sure to tie your hanging ribbon first or you can't get it on later.

Little clumps of craft staw have been stuck on to create a more whimsical look.. this will last a realy long time so you will be able to enjoy it for ages !





This should be getting you all inspired!

Remember wreaths are not just for christmas !!Β