The best pots & hanging baskets for beginner gardeners..


Have you ever driven past houses that have stunning flowers outside the door? I know I have. I've loved gardening for a long time and know a thing or two about growing flowers but, I chat with so many people who say they just can't keep plants alive..or they would love pretty pots outside but they don't know where to start. Does this sound familiar ?

Then this is for you !

I like to show people how accessible home crafts are and gardening is no different.  There are many stunning plants that will give you an abundance of flowers that cascade from your baskets or pots. With just a few tips and some good advice on what to buy and what to do to care for them, even the 'seasoned plant murderer' can get this right. 

First things first..

Think about what basket you are having.. and how many?

Do you want them to match ? If you do then do they get similar light where your putting them? If the answers no ... they will grow at different rates even if there only a meter apart so the one furthest from the light may need a little more food than the other. 

Think about light , shade and pollution... are you on a realy busy road? Do you live near the sea with salty air etc ? ( choosing plants will need this consideration )

Colour, do you want a busy colour pallet or a specific colour pallet ? Ie: only pink green or white ? Or all sorts of busy summer colours ?

Get a real Idea of what you want yours to look like , even if you have to go taking pictures outside neighbours gardens ( try not to look like a stalker. )

You can 'rock up' to your garden center, piccies in hand and let them help.. they will generally know how to achieve the look, from what they see on the pictures.

I'm going to give you some plant ideas for deep pots or hanging baskets that will all survive almost any miss treatment, weather and air polutions or forgetful watering. 

Here's some general care advice..




  1. Get a  liner made from cardboard, fibre or foam that you've checked fits your basket. Most baskets for sale in garden centers have liners with them!
  2. Place a saucer in the bottom of the basket to stop water draining straight through.
  3. Get moisture crystals to mix with your soil..It really helps out a busy 'wannabe' gardener..
  4. Half fill the basket with a good quality potting compost, specifically designed for containers.
  5. Add your moisture crystals.
  6. Pop in your plants (don't be afraid to pack them quite tightly ) Pack the rest of the compost round and make a nice level top so the plants feel snug in there new home.
  7. If you make the basket look full at planting time it will produce a much more colourful, dramatic display.



Quality compost can come with slow release nutrition built in.. It won't last the whole summer but it will help.

I reccomend a good feed with Miracle grow every couple of weeks and a good dead head when it's realy hot.. that should be enough to see the plants through a lovely blooming summer!







Most people don't pop lavender in baskets..Iv no idea why as they take a lot of killing so are actually fab summer planter flowers..they also smell divine so perfect for an entrance and they are great for wildlife.lavender takes virtually no looking after..just make sure you feed and water it a few times a week when it's realy hot, it will happilly do its thing all summer .

Great for baskets pots or shallow beds..


Trailing Ivy


Plant trailing Ivy between your lavendars (in a pot or basket) they tolerate the same conditions as the lavendar and will look stunning in high summer when they have really grown in. 


' Blanket flower '

Perfect for big deep planters, outside the front door ..

Known for its long bloom season in seaside gardens; it flowers nonstop all summer long through autumn to first frosts. It's also drough resistent so it thrives in the sandy and salty soils and won't mind if you neglect it with 'forgetful watering'. Want more reasons to love it? It will attract tones of butterflies and look great if you cut the blooms and pop them in a vase.



This pretty yellow plant is super easy to grow and is perfect for a coastle garden . Its holds up well to adverse and changeable weather conditions and doesn't mind wind either! It will enjoy a sunny spot and won't be a 'diva' if its in a pot so long as it has a nice deep tub.


 One of my favourites 


You can virtually not murder this plant !

It comes in an array of fantastic colours ...will tolerate all sorts of changeable weather. One of the best things about geraniums for begginer planters is that it actually like's to be abused ! Quite literally, you can starve it and leave it parched with no water, till' the soil comes away from the side of the planter...chuck water on it and it will bloom ! Like it actually enjoyed it's near death experience !!

So yes geraniums are definitely top of my list for any hanging baskets or pots for beginners. 

Keep them somewhere sheltered for the winter and they will come back again the following year very easily .

Geraniums like lavenders go realy well with trailing Ivy in a hanging basket . 

Be sure to get the training variety for baskets and a mixture of uprights and trailers for large pots. 

Lastly give Lobelia a try..

This comes in pretty colours and will push into crevices between plants. It generally tolerates quite a lot of neglect and will be simple to keep alive with the same condition and treatment as the other baskets flowers I've talked about .

Here's one of my baskets from last year with petunias (dont even think about keeping them !) Violets  and Lobelia ( the lilac trailing flower) Super easy to keep and looks gorgeous 😍

 So to summarise.. 


Trailing Geraniums and Ivy live easily together in a basket.

Water them every few days but it won't matter if you forget. 

Feed them every few weeks

Take the dead flowers and leaves off..

That's it and they will look amazing all summer!



Lavender, Lobelia and variegated trailing Ivy 

This trio will be fab ( cottage style) 

Virtually won't need any care exept some watering a few times a week.




I'm realy hoping this gives you an Idea of how to put some baskets together that will make you look like a pro!



As always, let us know how you get on..we love to see your pictures.
Love M x