No sew fabric roses



Hey there !

Today I'm sharing how I made fabric roses that don't need sewing..In fact all you need is a glue gun!

If you dont have a glue gun....GET ONE!! You can get them for £5 online or in most Hobby stores and they are invaluable. 


For this project you need:

1. Old fabric torn into long strips

2. Glue gun and glue sticks

3. Something to decorate ☺ iv used a straw bag you could use a straw 👒 or a cushion cover even a hair band...anything that you would like to pretty up with fabric rises will do. 

 So...lets begin.

I chose to make two colours (in blue fabrics.) 💙 The fabrics complement each other. I liked the idea of having different sizes but this can be done just as well with all the same size roses.. The lovely thing with crafts like this, is you can do it however you want!

Just to let you in on how simple this is Iv made this sitting on the sofa catching up on some programmes ...

Take your fabric strip.

Fold in the two messy edges ... roll twist and roll..keeping the good side of the fabric on the outside..stick along the way keep rolling untill you have the desired size and shape..




Once you've made a good amount of roses choose what you are decorating.

I wanted a heart on my bag so I set out my roses on a tray to firm the heart shape. Once I had the shape and colour mix they way I wanted I transered it to my bag sticking each rose with hot glue. 

It's literally that simple!

A great thing about this craft is you can use old fabrics.. Old sheets or duvets you dont want any more..honestly any old fabric will do in fact the more miss-matched or vintage the fabrics, the more depth and texture your roses will have.

I hope you've enjoyed this quick and easy craft and feel like you can give this a go..

Let us know how you get on !

Love Mx