How to hand paint your own doormat 😃



Hello 👋

I always try to share with you easy, fun, crafts that you can try yourself at home.. 

Today I'm sharing DIY doormats.. who knew ?! I love a nice door mat ..I think it's so welcoming and realy sets off the entrance and feel of your home to have a well thought out entrance area..It got me thinking 🤔

Iv see many nice door mats but I like to change mine with the seasons and I wondered how I could get it more personal to me? "I know , I will paint my own !!

So I set about thinking how to do it and quickly realised it was super cheap.amd easy..heres hiw I did it.

You will need...

1. Plain door mat. (Mines from @homebargains for £2.99)

2.Acrylic paints and a few brushes.

3. Spray mount glue

4. Stencils if your not confident free hand.






 Start of having a think about what you want on your mat. I am making this for the first time so I decided on a simple Welcome with flowers. Any time you paint words ..fitting the word in where it looks right is the hardest bit. So maybe lightly map out where you want your words first them fit in the design you want around that.


 You can see here I have used acrylic . It's super durable and high pigment colours make it a cheap and easy choice..



 I have hand painted my word and flowers but you can use stencils and get a realy lovely effect..






 Have fun and don't worry about it being perfect !





 I was amazed at how easy it was to paint on the bristles.. 

 When you've finished and are happy leave to dry for 24hrs before you spray with spray mount glue. This will help seal it.

Et voilla!

Your very own hand made door mat.. these make super fun gifts for friends and family too 💕

See my stories to see this inplace on my front porch ..

As always we so enjoy hearing back about your experiences trying these crafts !


Love M.x