How to make mossy pots .




Today I'm sharing with you a great and easy 'hack' to make you boring old pots look fab as well and encourage more bio diversity to your garden..its a win win !

Making your pots messy could not be easier but ,first of all heres some info about moss and hiw amazing it is.

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Moss Facts

Mosses are group of fuzzy plants that belong to the division Bryophyta. There are around 12 000 species of moss that can be found throughout the world. Moss can survive in different habitats but it usually prefers shady areas of woodlands and forests that provide enough water. Moss can grow both on the trees and on the ground, but it can be also found on the rocks, under the water, on the clay…Even though mosses can adapt to various ecosystems, they are negatively affected by pollution and changes in environment that are result of increased human activity. These factors placed certain species of moss on the listed of endangered plants.
Interesting Moss Facts:
Mosses are tiny plants. Most mosses can reach 0.4 to 4 inches in height. Largest species are 20 inches tall.
Mosses are usually bright green in color. Some species can be pale green (almost white), bluish-green, yellowish-green or velvety black green.
Unlike most other plants, mosses do not have vascular tissue (special kind of plant tissue that is used to transport water and nutrients through the plant). Because of that, mosses lack root, stem and flowers.
Mosses use structures called rhizoids (which look like miniature roots) to attach themselves to the ground.
Mosses produce energy (in the form of sugar) in the process of photosynthesis (production of food in the green part of the plant through absorption of sunlight and carbon dioxide).
Mosses were the first plants that managed to survive on the solid ground. They evolved from algae.
Mosses are able to absorb huge amount of water and prevent erosion of soil as a result of water runoff.
Mosses were used as bandages during the First World War to prevent blood loss. Mosses were also used to soothe the infection since they contain chemical with anti-bacterial properties.
People used dried mosses for heating of the houses in the past. Live mosses were used to insulate boots in cold climates. Mosses are also very popular in gardening because they require low maintenance, tolerate periods of drought and visually improve beauty of the garden.
Certain animals, such as reindeer, consume mosses because they contain chemical which warms the blood of animal.
Mosses are indicators of pollution. They can grow only in clean environments.
Moss can stop its metabolism almost completely during the hot periods of the year when water is not available.
Life cycle of moss consists of two generations: sporophyte and gametophyte. Sporophyte generation produces spores that are spread by wind. Spores develop into gametophyte generation which produces male and female sex organs and ensures sexual reproduction.
Moss lives near the water because male and female reproductive cells travel to each other and merge in the water.
Lifespan of moss depends on the species. It ranges from couple to 10 years.


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I mean did you know how amazing moss is ?? Such interesting stuff!

So if you haven't old stone or terracotta pots about this is great .

If you dont have any old pots and need to buy some then make sure you get stone, concrete,  or terracotta pots WITHOUT glaze..

The mossy mixture you will cover them in will need a porus material to grast to.

You will need.

1.your chosen pots

2.butter milk (Iv used Jersey cow)

3. Blender

4.moss (I picked lumps from my guttering 😅)

5.The ability to sterilise your blender. Large pot to boil it or dishwasher. Or Milton tabs to soak it. So it can be properly cleaned and used for food prep another day.


So here we go..

 Here you can see . Iv gathered moss from my guttering and I'm blending it in my blender with full cream Jersey can add in some live yoghurt too ! 







 When blended it looks like a muddy milkshake !




 I popped mine back into the bottle as the perfect place to carry it up to the greenhouse .




 Using a paint brush I painted the mixture all over my pots and also on the sides of my ganging baskets..




 Iv left them in the green house for 6 weeks to do there thing...

Look how they turned out !

It's that easy ! And you will not only have healthier flowers and be creating a better bio diversity in your garden.. it will look gorgeous too !!


 I hope this has inspired you to give it a go..

As always let us know how you get on trying this.

Love always