'Lasagne' pot planting.




Have you ever heard of Lasagne planting ?

Well.. its not a new technique but its probably new to the novice gardener. However its actually really simple and therefor , something I felt I wanted to share with you .

 So here's the ethos behind 'lasagne' planting.. 

The name comes from the 'Layers', like the lasagne that you eat, the idea is to plant bulbs that need different depths of planting and will flower consecutively. Bulbs like daffodil,  last year after year but have a really short life span, so if they are the only bulbs in a pot, that pot is then redundant, for the rest of the year. If you plant bulbs in the 'lasagne' technique you can have flowers blooming in your pots for the entire spring/summer season, depending on the size of the pot. Bulbs require little care and bloom year on year so it's a great return on your money and time investment and brilliant for the part time gardener.

As we are still in a lockdown where I live,  I bought my bulbs at Sainsburys when doing my local shop but you can bulbs in most hardware shops , and if course local flower nursery gardens. You can also purchase great selections online.

Of course, you want to choose flowers, that you love the look of but once you'v narrowed that down, you need to look on the back of the packet to see...

1 . what depth do they need to be planted at?

2. what month they bloom?

3. what soil type they need?

4. what kind of sun light they tolerate?

Iv chosen 3 different flowers that all have the same light and positioning tolerance. I want them to thrive in the same pot, with the same soil conditions.. this is key to success.

Then I looked at the depths and months.

heres what I have chosen.


level 1.....Pink peonies

If you take a good look on the box you can see that this will be planted

30cm deep and will flower April may and June


level 2........Pink Anemone

These can be planted at 25cm  as per the instructions on the box and will flower in June and August


level 3......Dahlia (mixed pinks and whites)

 These bulbs can be planted at 2.5cm depth and will flower June/July/August.

So here we have 3 different bulb types that can be planted in the same pot at 3 different levels giving you blooms from April to August.

I am super excited to see how my pot blooms over the coming months and will be sharing the results via instagram so do pop over and make sure you follow me there too.

I hope this has given you the confidence to have a go at 'lasagne' planting yourself and as always do send us your pictures ..we love seeing them.

Have a great day!