May day for Mrs Mortimer ..


Hi 👋

I'm sharing with you today a May day surprise for Mrs Mortimer. Inspired but @my100yearoldhome

So let me explain what's behind this...

My son Harry was born premature at 33 weeks. We were extremely poorly with complications resulting in Harry arresting at birth.. 

We were both in intensive care and I didn't see Harry until he was a few days old. I have a picture of me holding him for the first time but Iv no actual memory of that moment.

He was a dream baby 👶 but at 2 yrs old became so difficult with various behaviours I suffered mental health issues. I'm not gonna lie..I struggled to take care of him. Things didn't get realy bad though until he went to school.

Harry was a slow developer but was very happy untill he needed to learn to read and write..Then things kicked off !

The poor little sole was traumatised as he just couldn't make sence of the world and the pressure was enormous. I spent years battling every day just to get him to school. 

Lots of SEN mums will relate..the struggle is real..

However.. my sons primary school 'St peters' has been very supportive but no body more than dear Mrs Mortimer.

Mrs Mortimer is a support teacher who is specially trained and has and interest in getting kids reading.

Getting 1 to 1 help in school is hard..teachers are pushed to the brink as it is and many children need help with a curriculum that moves so hard and fast like ours.

Mrs Mortimer went abouve and beyond for Harry! Fitting in Reading sessions with him even though she had a full list.. always getting him reading stories that he resonated with. Always being encouraging and positive and patient.. she went the extra mile..not just once but every day for 3 years !!!! ( I'm welling up just writing this )

Anyway fast forward to today. Harry is 9 1/2  years old when he was 6 he was assesed to have a reading level lower than nursery age. He now can officially read like a 10 1/2 Yr old!! From being over 3 years behind he is now a year ahead. Mrs Mortimer and I were a team.. supporting and encouraging all the way.. Im Harry mum so I was never giving up but SHE did an amazing thing that I will be eternal greatful for. 

Harry still has issue with writing and maths.. but we have come a very long way.

This is a text I recieved from her when he got assessed at 10.5 yrs reading age..


My absolute favourite blogger @my100yearoldhome is running a friendly get together to design May day baskets.

It's traditional to leave a basket of flowers and sweets on a door and run away..The 1st of May is a celebration of spring and a new fertile season.. its celebrated across the norther hemisphere in differing ways..

It got me thinking....

I wanted to put my basket forward for @my100yearoldhome to see and I wanted to leave it on the door of a worthy recipient....MRS MORTIMER!!!!

I decided to recycle a box from ANNO ROSA  that housed a beautiful rose I ordered from her.

I wanted flowers but made by me!! So I've used my cricut to create these roses . The musical paper is an old English mayday celebration traditional song.

Iv written a blog about how to make these paper do have a look at that.

The jam is homemade from cherries here at Trinity cottage. Iv popped  Trinity Foxglove, fabric jam topper on it to make it extra pretty.




The card is a print of one of my watercolours..

The ribbon and bell is to signify the Maypol 🎪🎠


Iv hand painted the box in butterflies as I know she will

love them and I like painting them. 

 Iv made a batch of scented candles in Tea cups withe the fragrance of May flowers 💐

Here it is all packed up and finished off with some silk cream ribbon 🎀

I'm so excited to put it on her doorstep ..The vision in my mind is fir her to come home from work and find it there.. I need to check out what day of the week 1st May is ?

So.. if you dont already , follow me on Instagram and you will see how she reacts to her gift in my stories !

I cant wait !!


Love M x