Outdoor living room ready !

Today I'm sharing my outdoor living room. 

Living in the UK has its limitations where weather is concerned.  Im not gonna lie, If I were able to move somewhere with a warmer climate..I WOULD ! However this not happening and so we make the best of things. 

Unfortunately climate change is at such a level that we are all experiencing dramatic weather changes globally however, here in Norfolk , despite the reason being dismal, the outcome for us is quite favourable as we are having longer hotter summers than ever before. 

Popping climate change aside ( not that it isn't important ) I want to share with you my thoughts on creating my outdoor living room, how we use it in our climate and my hints and tips to create your own.

Getting outdoors and enjoying the garden,  no matter how small, is essential for mental health and wellbeing especially so since we have been locked down.

This blog is aimed at those living in the UK due to the climate issues we face..however I know many of my readers are in the states, so I hope you can still get some great insight from this.

First thing first !!!!

Where does the energy flow naturally to??

This is a huge question. When you go outdoors to set up your summer chairs or sit on a camping chair..where to you put it ? 

A huge mistake I see often in people creating patios or garden dining/sitting areas, is they pop it right at the other end of the garden. They probably think its an unused space, so..they will use it? Or that it has a nice view across fields? Or that its private? Or, it looks nice there when viewing from the house? Either way none of those will matter if you tend to never use it and that will happen if you plant an outdoor room somewhere where the energy doesn't naturally flow.

So ask yourself ...

When I go out to enjoy the garden, which door do I tend to use ? The back door off the kitchen? The patio doors off the back of the living room ? The conservatory? 

When you established where you usually go out from, thats your energy point. The room then needs to be within a natural distance of that energy point. (I hope that makes sence? I know what I mean 😂) 

I naturally use the back door not the patio doors although both those doors lead directly into the outdoor room.

When you have decided on where it will be you then need to decide how you want to uses it and what furniture would be perfect..ie. table and chairs, pizza oven,  fire pit, barbecue, outdoor sofa, hot tub ?

I have a large sofa with coffee table and a large dining table in mine. 

Then you need to think about it being water tight. Now..  I have done numerous things over the years to create an outdoor living room that require a lot of 'faffing' because of the weather. 

Keep in mind.. you need storage for soft furnishings. 

You need a roof to permanently protect from the rain.

You need to think about sun positions like.. can you eat in shade at lunch and evening meal. Can you get good sun acces for solar lighting , can you get electricity to the area should you want that? Do you want a dark room or a clear one ? 

There's a lot to think about so rather that run through a million different scenarios I will tell you why I did mine the way I did, how it works practically and what I have learnt and might improve on another time .

Heres mine ..directly off the back of the house. I use it as another room of the house from April to Oct .



I access it out of the back door, I can also access from my dining room ( which isn't a dining room as Iv taken it over with my arts and crafts 🙄) but thats another story.

The energy flow's naturally for myself, from the kitchen and for guests, to go strait out. I can also hear my music perfectly out there so no need to 'faf' setting that up.

The patio is large here at the cottage and also has a water fall so you can create a relaxing atmosphere with the sound and natural energy of the water.. my friend Emily thinks its like a spa 😂

The large wooden table was made by a friend using off cuts we found at the cottage when we moved in.

A large outdoor table was essential for me as I adore setting tables definitely a must for me.its large enough for 10 to sit comfortably. 

I enjoy having larger than life flower arrangments on there as Its big enough to take them. 

Heres the table set up for an evening with friends...

You can see the steps leading to the main lawn , little Harry enjoyed lighting all the candles..he is a great little helper !


My sofa !! Well this was a bargain.. Its massive extremely heavy and hand made from 'deck wood' I picked it up on a FB selling page for £30 7 years ago. The seat cushions are foam I got off Norwich Market and the backs are 2 large outdoor bean bags. As my pergola is permanently standing these pieces of furniture can stay outside all year round.. Never having to pack away is perfect, as It would be too much to store.

Heres little Harry chilled out on the sofa with pizza 🍕 

Its not an insta perfect shot..but I hope you can see we are a real family, that use this space all the time !

Heres a more insta worthy shot..


The coffe table used to be my dads and Iv painted it in cuprinol 'bluebells




The Buddha cushions are outdoor cushions from The Range .. 


All these Items stay out year round and yes even in the snow we have been known to light the fire pit and sit out there huddled up in blankets. 

So long as they are dry they last outside with no issues at all. I only bring in the things that are for indoor use like the blankets etc.

I have solar lights all round the edge which are pretty and oriental style hanging lanterns above the table which are gorgeous for summer evening dining .

My tip would be to invest in the roof.

If you can't keep the area dry, then it becomes a hassle to use it..trust me you need it set up April to Oct without having to take it down.  If not it will get annoying to set it up all the time and that will prevent you from using like a proper room.

If you have a green house a shed or any other old building.. with a little imagination anything with a roof can be an outdoor living room.. it doesn't have to be perfect. 

 I hope this inspires you to create an outdoor room of your own !

Remember your energy point and don't worry about it being expensive..second hand stuff is lovely ..you just need a roof(In uk type weather anyway.)

As always let me know how you get on we love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading to the end.

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Love Mx