My top 10 spring crafts

Hello and welcome to my blog. The place to follow all my ' arty crafty' exploits and get inspired to do it yourself.

It's no secret that I love seasonal crafts and spring crafts are no exception. There's something about a long dark winter, that makes the arrival of spring so magical, nature comes to life, the odd bloom of colour pokes through and the buds arriving on the trees get soaked, in the small bursts of sunshine that regularly start to appear. I think spring is a ' relief ' and a season of hope and achievement. 

To celebrate, I love to not only get all the windows open and get the garden sorted but I like to change the colours and decorations in the house, to reflect spring within the home as well as outside.

I believe that wreaths are forever (not just for christmas) so my first favourite crafts to share are door wreaths.

Weather you make your own or, buy one there are so many styles to go for..I love the yellows and more pastel shades fresh or faux its a great way to have a refreshed look for the spring.

1. Wreath/doordecor

Flowers set on to natural twig or wicker wreath's, always look gorgeous,  use pretty bow's,  even eggs, chicks, or rabbits or a nice inexpensive welcome plack attached, to realy give your wreath not just a spring look but an Easter look too..I like to make wreaths that can be added to. If your eggs and bunnies are detachable the wreath can be on display throughout spring, long after Easter is over.

This faux tulip wreath is so simple yet has such a statement effect.. People will definatly comment on this one.. it would be super easy to pop in some eggs to 'faff' this up a bit for Easter, if you wanted to.



Decorating eggs.

Some people make some incredible artistic designs on there eggs but whatever your skill level this is certainly a great craft for you and all ages.

You can buy all Manor of eggs from craft stores..I like to use poundland, Hobby craft or The Range to by mine..they generally have a great selection and at very reasonable prices.

Try painting stripes (not as easy as it looks) or spots with glitter.. very simple and realy pretty. Pinterest have some realy great ideas.

Heres my dyed eggs..these are a little tricky, I had a super fun afternoon making them.

Iv written another blog where you can read exactly how to create these if you fancy giving it a go .



3. Spring fairy Garden

I love to make fairy Gardens in old broken pots. My boys used to like doing 'wizardy' ones when they were little too..It's a great craft to do with the kids but also a lovely thing to make just for yourself..they also make great gifts for friends and family !

Heres some pictures I managed to find, of one I made with my son (now a teenager) many years ago. 

You can see we have made this, with a broken pot. We used the broken pieces to zone off parts of the garden and create steps .

Tea pot houses we found in a charity shop were super fun quirky additions.


They are super easy to make broken pots are the best I always think..look out for a tutorial coming soon on making these..


4. Hand painted plant pots 

What ever your skill level, this is a craft for you.. If your pots are for outside you will need paints suitable for outdoor use, if they are for inside, you can consider other effects like decopage..



 Bright colours give a real summer vibe..playful and hot 🔥  they tone so well with BBQ areas ..aztec throws and structured planting. 


5. Hand made plant identifiers


Pretty plant Identifyer sticks are always a favourite of mine in my herb garden. I enjoy having homemade ones. There are so many creative ways to make these . One of my favourites is clay cut sticks,  using a cookie name printer,(£2.99) on ebay. You can stamp the ends . Arent they fantastic !

Painting pebbles to use as identifiers is also a realy fun craft.


 6. Silk flower arrangment

 There's nothing I like more than flowers 💐 having a new display with a fresh colour pallet is always a must have. Making it yourself is a great 'feel good' craft. If you want to give it a try have a look at one of my flowers arrangement tutorials. 

7. Flower ice cubes

I have a previous blog about freezing Icecubes.. just remember if you want them in a drink ..the flowers need to be edible . Its a super simple craft and one that you will definatley enjoy especially with guests !



8. Hand dyed table wear

This is something new to me this year..Im am now literally obsessed and have plans to hand print a lot of different things .

This is a simple craft that requires little skill so its perfect for beginners!

Have a look at a previous blog to see exactly how to do this .


9. Windowsil herb gardens 

A windowsill herb garden is brilliant for a fresh kitchen feel and can be done in the smallest of homes! 

If your not green fingered by the plant ready grown and plant it in a pot on your sill..follow the instructions for watering carefully as each herb will need different attention. If you want many herbs in one tub you need to make sure that the herbs you choose for that tub all require similar watering and sunlight quotas.

Cut them regularly and enjoy them !




If you feel up to the task try sowing your own seed.. window sills are great for seeds this time of year.  My advice would be to try chives, parsley and coriander..these are reasonably easy for first time sill growers.

I do hope my favourite crafts have given you some great ideas and that you enjoy having a go at a few of them..

As always do send in your pictures by email or tag #maryanneoldarts on IG @oldmaryanne

We love seeing them.

Enjoy your day 

Happy spring !