Painting upholstery..

Hi and welcome to my blog..the place to find out so much more about my creative life, here at the cottage. 

Today I'm showing you just how easy it is to update furniture without breaking the bank .

Did you know you can paint your upholstery ?

If your thinking "Noooooo!"

Well your can !

I have this chair that I adore,  the shape is stunning and its in great condition , only cost me £50 to get 2 of these and the matching sofa on a local FB selling page.

To reupholstered is a skill I dont have,  well,  I can cover a simple chair insert or a foot stool but nothing like this. The fabric is in perfect condition 👌 

You may have heard of 'Annie sloan chalk paint?' Well I love the stuff.. it's so amazing to work with and the colours are divine. It maybe a bit more expensive than other chalk paints but its worth its weight in gold. 

This paint will actually dye your fabric ...

Heres the chair when I started.

You can see its in great condition and I just wanted to change the colour.

I wanted a white wooden frame and pink fabric. 

I choose Antoinette. A gorgeous subtle pink that will compliment my living room decor.

For the frame I chose 'Pure'

Just a nice natural white not too bright and complimentary to the soft Antionette pink.

These are all available online with your nearest 'Annie Sloan' stockist if you do a Google search, so no need to leave the house!

The brilliant thing about Annie sloan is that there no prep needed.. the pigments are such high quality that they cover virtually anything and the 'tooth' of the paint is so high that it will stick to virtually any surface..  If you want a thick ' knarly ' look it can be achieved or a smooth sleeker's so usable and is absolutly, hands down my favourite furniture paint, I also use it for portraiture, I will talk about that another day.

Have ready..

Paint and stirrer .

Water spray bottle

Protective sheet

Cup of tea.

Soft wax

Clean stick or rolling pin ( for beating )

Cover your surfaces and prep your area.

Stir your Pink paint 

Get your brush ready

I like to use the Annie sloan round head brush but you can achieve good results with and wall paint brush.

Let's begin !

Remove the seat pad

Spray the area your going to paint first with water 💧 

This will help loosen up the fabric and allow the paint to glide and absorb. Get a good layer all over it, dont be afraid of it and expect to get out of breath, its really hard work pressing the paint hard into the fabric. Make sure you dont go for full coverage,  this project will require, 2/3 thin coats..put it on too thick and you will get nasty 'caked on' areas. Let each coat dry..then have a good look at any think areas and beat them out with your rolling pin.

Heres the chair after the second coat.. Its covered so well that Iv done a first coat of white on the frame too..let each coat dry for at least an hour you won't need to spray much water for the next coats.

Once your happy with the coverage of both frame and upholstery you can leave to dry for around a week. Do the same for the seat cushion.

After about a week.. bash the upholstery with your wooden rolling pin .. keep bashing, ' till you feel the fabric softening. If it's a little powdery,  you can gently hover as you go.. I do it with the 'brush duster' bit on the end of my 'Hettie'.

Once your happy with your bashing and your fabric is supple, apply your soft wax. Go sparingly, you can always add more but its hard to take it away. Get a lovely thin layer all over, then 'dry cloth' it to get it even, with no residue.

Let it sit another week. 

Finally roll your rolling pin over it to loosen it and buff it hard with a dry cloth , I use a large tea towel that I will throw out afterwards.

And here is the result !

My chair has been sitting pride of place by the fire. Its soft and would never have know, it hadn't always been pink !

I do hope you have enjoyed this and feel inspired to give it a go yourself.. 

Do send in your pictures we love to see them.

Love M x