Scented Door Wreath




Today I'm shareing with you an Idea that came to me when I pulled my 'autumn decor' stash out of the loft !

As I reached up for some bits, two bags of potpourri fell out and hit me in the head 😆. I though how lovely they still smelt and what should I do with them ? 

It occurred to me " why shouldn't a wreath smell good " I could have it indoors or out ? But indoors I'd realy get the smell.. and "poof" just like that I was out in my studio making this and has worked better than I thought !


Here's how I made it .

 I re used an old wreath ring Iv had a long could use anything even make one from twigs? 


I like to use hair pins for this type of wreath as they pin foliage perfectly to the oasis and they are so cheap to buy. But I'd not got any so I made do with bending my floristry wires.

Then I sorted through the potpourri to find the pieces I realy liked and wanted to use .


 I looked for colour texture and size as I wanted to create an even, looking wreath.

 Covering the wreath with maple leaves, I thought looked pretty as my wreath ring is ugly and you don't want it showing, if you have a pretty wicker or twig wreath ring though, you won't need to cover it so much.. I added lights too as well because..."why not "!



 With my glue gun I stuck together some of my pieces so as to easily attach them as features on the the ring.

 Look at these nut shells ! I glued wires to them so I could weave them in too.



 Look how pretty they are..and they smell so good ...



  Here it is pride of place on the Greta Cottage front door. 

I'm so happy with how it looks but it also smells divine! 


 The light was so good I took the pictures of it on the outside of the door.




However later I bought it in and its made the whole hallway smell incredible.. light scents of autumn berries & vanilla are filling the air and I feel rather pleased with myself.

Remember crafting can get expensive so I always try to re use (plus it's eco friendly). The Popouri was bought in a charity shop and the maple leaves I've recycled from last year. 


Hope you've enjoyed this ..


Give it a go !