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"You are my today and all of my tomorrows."

Every wedding is a unique adventure.

Maryanne's wedding paintings are unique works of art, tailored to fit your vision, and fit beautifully in your home.  Every aspect of a wedding painting by Maryanne Old Arts is considered unique, and of the highest quality.

Maryanne is an incredible artists with decades of experience, and a passion for romance and beauty.

"Faith makes all things possible, love makes all thing easy" - Dwight Moody

Browse through all of the services on offer, from the most popular art commissioned to huge complex works of art.  Having an artist capture your memories in the purest form of expression to have and to hold for the rest of your lives. 

Let’s create your wedding masterpiece..... memories captured one brush stroke at a time.

Wedding painting pricing varies based on canvas size, medium, complexity of subject etc.

Prices vary, all prices can be clearly set out, once we have had your booking consultation. 

Please see the differing product ideas as a guide. 

Book your 1-hour consultation for the bespoke package or 15 minutes for all the other packages.

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Wedding Bride Squad Painting | Book Consultation - Maryanne Old Arts UK
Wedding Bride Squad Painting | Book Consultation
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