30 ways to embrace autumn.


Hello and welcome.. so many of you have joined the blog lately and It seems that we all have a need to search out the simple thingsTakeing up hobbies and enjoying the natural world.

I've created this list in the hope that if you do just one thing on here, it will bring you joy. 

Here goes 😃

1. Go pumpkin picking or if you can't get out to a farm site get super market ones..

2. Paint your pumpkins if its too hard to calve them.

3 Go on autumn walks and get amazing pictures of you and the family kicking and throwing leaves.


4. Make pumpkin spice everything!

5.Make apple fritters

6. Have blanket and hotwaterbottle picnics on your daily walk.

7. Make pumpkin soup with homemade garlic bread.

8. Go on walks and forage berries.

9. Cozy up with candles 

10. Decorate your home ,especially your front door and fireplace..


11. Get out your slow cooker.. surf some great recipes and smell your casseroles cooking all day long

12. Make candy apples (see Mels recipe)

13. Make apple cider

14. Go horse/ bike riding in the woodland

15. Join the Nasa site and start watching the satellite passes.

16. Get the courage to buy that starter kit to try a hobby you always wanted to have a go at.

17. Shop for candles, blankets, cosy cushion and super soft lounge wear.

18. De clutter and deep clean at home. 

19. Rearrange your livingroom or bedroom to feel a renewed sense of happiness to spend more time indoors.

20. Bake Halloween cookies.

21. Pick berries to make your own gin and vodka liqures.

22. Use your spa toiletries you got last Christmas and hydrate your skin.

23. Start planning your Christmas todo list to feel calm and organised. 

24. Be kind to yourself...

26.Bake pumpkin bread

27.Roast pumpkin seeds

28. Try something that scares you.

29.Host a bonfire & roast marshmallows for your friends and family.

30. Take an apple crumble or something handmade to a neighbour that may be alone. 


What ever you try from this list, I hope you feel inspired... even if you only manage one of them !

Now more that ever we need to embrace our love for home, nature and hobbies and being kind to our selves, enjoying the simple things.

M xx