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The creative life, of Maryanne Old.

Let us introduce you to Maryanne Old, wife, mother, artist, crafter and passionate home and garden maker (in no particular order).  Creativity is at the centre of her entire life and she has forged a career in the arts, on a multi skilled, mixed media level.

Born in Norfolk she went on to spend 10 years abroad, living in Athens Greece for 8 years and traveling through the Australia's and South East Asia for 2 years, before returning home and marrying her childhood friend, Tim.

Tim and Maryanne live together in their little flint Norfolk cottage with their sons and their dog, Dolly.

Maryanne has paintings in private collections across the UK, Brazil, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Sweden as well as multiple US collectors.

Her Style is bright with a touch of realism and dash of magic, always narrating beauty and its fragility in the world today. The Mediterranean and natural world, influences play her work.

Maryanne loves flowers, she grows them, paints them, designs with them and creates magnificent displays with them.  She describes them as the extension of her paint brush... creating with florals is her passion.

In recent years, Maryanne has expanded her business into floral workshops and the creation of a hugely popular, Instagram account, where she documents her arty, crafty, cottage life.www.instagram.com/oldmaryanne.

The founder of 'Hic n Paint' ‘Cake n Paint’ and Cake n Sketch, fun workshops with a focus on arts for beginners, in community, safe settings.  She also runs Plein Air summer outing for painters and hand-picked Norfolk viewpoints.

Maryanne truly believes 'art is for everyone' and tirelessly works to bring the joy of creating to beginners, in an encouraging and inspiring way.

Maryanne has collaborations with some large businesses (John Lewis) and also some small local Norfolk businesses, where she teaches.  Her online collaborations have seen her work with giants such as Tetley, Hug Rug, Earth breeze, Sipsmith and Big Dug. 

Owning the hashtag #creativehappylife

You will find her at workshops across east Anglia and beyond.