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About Maryanne Old

Hello and welcome to my site. I'm a Norfolk artist based at my cottage studio here in the UK. I love to paint and am lucky enough to be able to paint in many different mediums. My work is hugely influenced by nature, especially my garden and I have a particular love for insects, flowers and birds.

From an early age I drew; spending hours sketching and painting. I have never formally trained and have been enjoying art and creation as a hobby for many years. During the past 5 years I’ve been lucky enough to turn my passion into my job. Painting, crafting and creation is a release and an absolute pleasure.

My deep love for nature, travel and landscape inspires me every day. I'm an avid gardener and have cultivated my own cutting garden here at the cottage. I use my home grown flowers as subjects for painting as well as creating floral displays. I also pick and dry them and use the petals for candle making and home tea brewing.

I like to tell a story in all my work, without a narrative for connection, an artist has no soul. My love of nature also comes through in the materials and packaging I use. Sustainable living is a journey for me and every possible effort is made to use local or small suppliers and makers for my products.

100% plastic free is the goal plus sustainable papers and chemical free paints. However, this I’m still working towards.

Over the years I have travelled extensively. I lived in Athens, Greece for 8 years, I’ve also lived in New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and Thailand over a 2 year period. My love for travel lives inside me and I'm constantly inspired by the colours, odours, textures and local legend. Bringing this to my work is always a joy. Living in Norfolk I have some amazing inspiration on my doorstep too. Childhood memories also feature in my work.

A surprising passion of mine is 'etiquette', the stories and hearsays of the 'upstairs, downstairs' days in historical aristocratic England is an absolute passion of mine. I have a deep knowledge of dining - formal through to light lunches.

The traditions around afternoon tea and long New York brunches are something I can talk about for hours. This passion paired with my arts has come together perfectly for the creation of my home wear brand. Combining my paintings with fabrics and home wear to create dining experiences is my dream. More on that soon.

Over the years, I have been honoured to work on some very large projects such as a huge life size elephant sculpture and a giant woodland story chair and many portrait commissions.

I'm proud to say I have pieces in private collections across the UK, Brazil, Greece, Australia, Dubai and Sweden.

You’re invited to look through my website portfolio as well as follow me on my social media platforms. Don't hesitate to get in touch for commission work, license art and creative concept meetings.