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Cake N Paint

Cake N Paint has been designed to take complete beginners on a journey, all the way through to Mastery level.

Below are the levels of Mastery. They have been carefully set out, to provide a visual guide for people to relate and aspire to.

We all had to start at the beginning. However, if you feel you have some of the beginner or novice skills already and want to just get straight into an intermediate level class that's fine too!

Our advice would be to always book the lower-level class first and then it's easier to match your ability to the correct class after that. 

Maryanne Old is an experience mixed media painter who can teach and demonstrate art in a number of Jandres and media types. However, as the paint classes have only been running 7 months she is also growing with her students!

At the moment there are only beginner classes available. The new year will see a foundation course to transition from Beginner to Novice along with monthly classes for each.  The introduction of beginner classes for acrylic painting, sketch club, and Novice /Intermediate level 'En plein aire' (Outdoor painting sessions in varying locations).

So come along and be part of the friendliest, funniest and refreshingly encouraging art groups around. It's never too late to give something new a go!

Levels of Mastery - Maryanne Old Arts UK