Making an autumn tablescape




I had the best time making this tabkescape for a photoshoot the other day. The beauty of it was that, I got to enjoy it that evening with a candle lit dinner for my family.

The great thing about table scapes is that not only are they easy but so cheap and effective too.

This scape is made with both fresh and faux decor and you will see how easy it is to blend the two..

I have a (larger than average) collection of decorations for all seasons and occasions. But I make so many things I can always find a use for them! 

To create this scape I've used my own maple leaves 🍁 a picnic blanket. Cutting from a conifer tree,  fresh and faux pumpkins.. and other seasonal decor.

Let's have a look 👀 

 First I laid the picnic blanket..I love the earthy, wool tones of this blanket. I've had it years, its a Cath kidston, my sister got me for Christmas some years ago and it has beautiful autumnal tones.. 

The conifers are just loosely laid down the middle of the table providing a lovely,fresh, base that also smells of pine, its so good. 





I placed the candelabra , fresh pumkins and smaller church candles reasonably evenly across the span of the table.

I wanted the vibrancy of the colour and the flicker of the candles to be balanced when the sun went down. 


Then I just went to town with sunflowers,  pinecones , maple leaves and smaller faux pumkins. 

I used my beautiful stoneware plates and tied the cutlery together with a some autumn ribbon.


 It couldn't be a more romantic and perfectly autumnal evening and we ate hot soup with garlic bread, outside all together.

This took me around 30 mins to put together, so it was well worth the time for the beautiful evening it created.





This would work well with any evergreen foliage and if you tables round then just shape your design to fit.

I do hope I've Inspired you to give it a go ?