Easy make Plush pumkins !



Hello !

I'm super excited to share this easy ' how to ' .

After scouring the shops for some velvet pumkins, I couldn't find many large, plush ones and the ones I did find, were very expensive..so I though "blow it " I will give making my own a go..even though I can't sew 😆 


I managed to source some cheap craft velvet type fabric on ebay (which came within a day) and so set about figuring it out. 

I choose midnight blue, white crushed and baby blue velvet as I want them in my living room and I have a blue and white theme going on in there. This will work with any fabric though.

Here's what you need to get started:

Chosen velvet or another fabric


Needle and thread

Stuffing (I recycled an old pillow that needed throwing out)

Something for the stalks ( I used twigs ) I will talk more on stalks later.

 1. .Mark out a square on your fabric. It doesn't need to be exact. I've made 3 different sizes ..small is 30 x 30 cm medium is 45 x 45 cm and the large is 60 x 60 cm .



 2. Cut your squares making as many as you like. I'd have different sizes as they look better when styled .




 3. Use a needle and thread.


 I used a large needle as I'm a bit useless at sewing and I find the larger needle easier 😅




  Thread the needle but keep both ends exactly the same length, this way you will be sewing with double thickness thread which will be stronger.



 4. Do a rough circle on your fabric then begin consitinering the fabric going in and out in uneven stitches..  the unevenness looks great once its all stuffed.




 5. You will end up with a little sack..keep the opening quite large and keep the thread intact.Once it's stuffed you will pull it like a draw string bag and sew it shut.


 6. I Used the innards of an old pillow.. its a great way to recycle and the Stuffing is perfect ! 

7. Just pull off what you need and begin Stuffing, it's easy to manipulate the shape you want, I left a little hole in the middle for my stalk.

8. LOOK !!!!

They are that easy ! It literally took me around 15 minutes !


I popped twigs from my apple tree into mine but for a rustic look you can use cinnamon sticks . Twigs wrapped in twine look girgeous too as to ribbons for leaves etc.

 If you want a glam look you could make your own stalk from clay or fino and spray it metallic. I will be doing this soon so look out for that.

 This little blue one I left the corners sticking out to look like leaves..I think it looks realy cute 😍 

 I hope you have enjoyed seeing how easy these are and even me that can't sew can do it !

Give it a go!