The Trinity Foxglove story...



Today I'm sharing with you the story behind my Trinity Foxgloves collection.. here you can see the painting is standing in the exact place, here at Trinity Cottage, where this little pink foxglove grew during the lockdown summer of 2020.


This area of the garden is next to the Buddah patio and has the steps that lead up to the rose garden. 🌹

The little pink foxglove grew here happily and I got a perfect picture of it.. Having suffered badly with an arthritis flare up I needed to paint a lot last year ..sitting down.. Watercolour painting is a joy and something I do to relax. I paint whilst catching up with Netflix ..sitting on the sofa..its my happy place. 

I painted an entire exhibition of around 50 flowers and bugs.. which was due to be exhibited in the city center however due to covid that never happened !

My little foxglove was to be part of that exhibition..

With the disappointment that the pandemic bought to many of us I began posting my work into some online forums, in order to try to make sales and I had the most incredible response !

I sold almost all of the pictures I posted and my foxglove was amongst one of the favourites. 

One mundane Thursday morning I recieved a message from an artist who worked for the BBC. She wrote saying that she thought I had such outstanding talent and that I should look to diversify. I wondered what that actually meant? How did I do that ? Am I good enough ? Have I got time ? Where do I start ?

This nice lady proceeded to send me some cards she had made with my designs to show me what they could look like and then I was hooked !

I started searching and researching about how to print my work, what I wanted to print it on..making a repeated patern. Oh the list is endless..but there the Trinity Foxglove collection was born. 

My plan for this pattern, Is for it to be available forever! Just like Emma Bridgewater has her 'dotty ' and Cath Kidston has her pastel ' rose ' pattern with the classic spotty print to accompany it. 

It felt only right that my signature print was a pink flower and that its an actual painting. If you look realy closely on the printed items you will see my signature. I deliberately left that on. First and foremost I'm an artist and the Foxglove is a painting that became a print not just designed as a print. For me this is an important symbol. 

I have designed many other prints since, many of which were designed specifically for repeat printing not a painting there for they do not have my signature on.

Here you can see the repeat pattern on this oilcloth and if you look closely you will see my signature.

Here is my beautiful Trinity Foxglove bow that you get with my hand made eco friendly French baskets .

 Iv even used the print in an abstract fashion to design these eco friendly refill bottles for the kitchen.😃

Here are my little fine bone china ,summer tea cups ... they are so light and dainty and perfect for spring summer alfresco drinks .

Here she is with some of her friends from the Bugs and Botanicals exhibition. Many of these paintings are also inspired by and pictures of actual Flora and fawna in my garden.

 My kitchen here at Trinity has never looked more pretty now its dressed in Foxgloves 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸



I even have cushions..and If you read my previous blogs you will certainly know how much I love cushions !!

So I hope you now have more insights as to how the Trinity Foxglove collection came about and indeed how Maryanne Old Arts became the thing it is today.. 

It was kind,  encouraging words that pushed me to think 🤔..."I can do this !!"


Take care have a great week and always leave a comment ..we love to hear what you think of the blogs..


Love M x